The Line Hotel – Los Angeles

There is no better example of how a hotel can become the heart to a community than Korea towns very own ‘The Line’ We were lucky enough to stay for a few nights in 2015 and it truly lives up to its reputation. Film shoots in the corridors, a foyee that evolves from a trendy coffee shop vibe in the morning to night club in the evening that can boast some of LA’s finest DJs. As with all Sydell hotels there is a collaboration aspect with local chefs, DJ’s, artists and designers and this really comes through with the hotels detailing.

The area is full of delicious Korean BBQs where you have to try the plum wine, then get your self back to the hotel for some cocktails or hipster beers.

The hotel itself is simple & modern with plenty of exposed concrete and clean lines (excuse the pun) complimented with splashes of garish colour,  its the flamboyant people and produce that make this not just a hotel but a landmark destination in LA.


Waking up with a view

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