Exploring resort trends

Working on projects predominately in the city, I am greatly looking forward to discovering just how different international resort design can be from a city lifestyle hotel.

City hotels tend to be very insular in the sense we create fantastic spaces, experiences from within. Vista views and chances for panoramic views looking out are few and far between, rooftop terraces being the main device we can use to create that wow factor and add real value to a scheme. 

Blurring ground floor food & beverage with street frontage is another important mechanism to activate a city hotel but once your past that threshold it’s up to the architects & interior designers to create that clear sense of destination and being.

Resorts on the other hand it’s all about setting, stunning landscapes, panoramic seascapes, undulating splines (Sim City).  I can’t wait to visit places in Thailand like the Keemala Luxury Hotel and discover how they have responded to their breathtaking locations.

Just a 3hr connection wait and a 11.5hr flight to Phuket to get through first.

Will update you all when we arrive


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