Foto Hotel – Kata Beach

Perched high on a hillside over looking Kata bay sits the very aptly named ‘Foto Hotel’  with 79 monochromatic guest rooms 

Designed and managed by four Thai architects who all share a passion for photography, this sleek modern hotel is designed for the social media generation. It’s place for making & capturing new memories.

A monochrome palette runs through building, like you’re in a black & white photo; team that with vintage touches like old cameras or quirky pictures as soon as you step foot in the lobby you understand what the concept is about. 

Throughout the hotel there are graffitied walls adored with Cartoon characters or gingham checked ‘foto bears‘ sitting on bright white furniture, it’s is certainly aimed at a young affluent Asian market. Again these props make ideal photo opportunities and from what I saw are gladly used. 

In a way the building becomes its very own marketing tool, encouraging guests to document it and their stay via social media, this in return creates hype around the place. Check out #fotohotel if you’re on instagram.

There is a ‘fun’ & playful vibe around the hotel and this is no better demonstrated than on the buildings roof top. A breath taking panoramic 

view from the infinity pool over kata bay is a posers dream, and with hireable props like inflatable unicorns, they are given the tools to do this. 

Here you will also find Tiffin Mama, the hotels signature restaurant. The interiors carry the base colour palette with exposed concrete & black stone flooring, but are populated with colourful Thai ingredients and cooking utensils. The graphics are very cleverly done, with particular kudos going to the helpful Thai cooking  guides. Again the food and cocktails were delicious and the presentation great as you’d expect from such a design conscious brand. 

All in all a very successfully implemented concept. It’s good to see local architects trying to drive a new modern Thai aesthetic and brand, there’s interior devices that aren’t to everyone’s tastes but they have nailed it with their target market, I foresee a sister hotel opening in another part of Thailand very soon. 


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