Nook Dee Boutique Resort – Kata, Phuket

High above Kata bay, next to the Foto Hotel sits its more mature big brother, Nook Dee Boutique Resort. In many ways they are similar, both heavily design orientated, modern in aesthetic, they are a similar size, Nook Dee having 68 bedrooms and suites, yet they have a very different ethos & concept

Upon your arrival you are met with a long slab of plain elevation, with one slither cutting sharply through the simple mass, at this point you have no idea what you might find as you walk through it. A glimpse of simple yet elegant portal framed structure and the sky beyond.


Once through you are led into the lobby and reception space which gives you your first real ‘wow’ moment as the stunning Thai landscape unfolds in front of you down to the sea beyond. 

The architecture is simple and elegant, especially the reception building. It has a contemporary yet rural feel to it, and is dressed with stylish timber furniture, touches of traditional patterns & motifs adorne furnishings and tiles. There’s a real relaxing and natural palette to the interiors that just let the landscape flood in through the full height glazed bi folds. 

The green block of bedrooms wraps protectively around the pool area in an L shape. Leaving the hill side and view of the bay un broken. The rest of the hotel cascades down the slope in a series of faux grass roofed terraces, while the swimming pool dramatically cantilevers out into the sky.

The understated design and interiors represent the natural grace of the Thai people, and this blank canvas allows you to experience ‘realThailand through your interactions with staff and your own with the impossibly pretty landscape that the buildings form looks to maximise with framed panoramas. 

As I have already mentioned there are some delightful detailing which subtlety underline the Thai personality to the hotel as well as some funky interior design that offsets the sometimes simple spaces. Like the textile bed heads of charming tiled bedroom doors, each one with its own personality.

One feature that could be a simply great space is the roof top deck. There is no better view over Kata bay yet the space is so under utilised, a bar, restaurant would bring some much needed activation to such a unique space and really put the hotel on the map.

At first glance the hotel may appear understated but when you understand what it means to be Thai, the gracefulness, the calming yet warm nature of the people, the building and its architecture really compliment this. Colourful detailing and use of materials create interest, and the almost agricultural yet very modern reception lobby create a genuine Thai experience upon your arrival that you really feel part of this special place.


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