The Racha Resort – Koh Racha Yai

As the world becomes more and more accessible travellers & tourists are always on the look out for a genuine ‘get away’ Resort that’s remote enough to really escape your daily way of life and let’s you recharge those batteries. 12 miles off Phuket’s southern tip you might just find it at The Racha

This eco friendly resort is located on the stunning island of Koh Racha Yai, with sparkling white sandy beaches, lush tropical jungle and dazzling turquoise water that offers some of the best snorkelling / diving in Asia. 

The concept behind the hotel is to offer its guests a true sanctuary for mind, body and spirit, and this is expressed through the ecological architecture, zen like interiors, aromatic landscaping & the high quality services the hotel offers.

The resort itself offers 85 whitewashed villas including the unique premier suite that is contained in a 5 storey lighthouse, as well as 3 restaurants, a 5 star spa & amenities such as a dive school & 3 ozonated pools.

The resort prides itself on its ecofriendly ethos and it really does practice what it preaches both in its design and operation. For example almost all the buildings on the site a single storey to reduce the visual impact of the development and were positioned around existing trees, if a tree was removed two more were planted. 

Villas have double thick exterior walls to lessen the load on airconditioning. There are various water recycling systems in place through out the resort, pools are ozone & not chlorine, the list goes on and on. 

One of The Racha’s best initiatives is their teaming up with the charity Reef Ball Foundation. The hotel has contributed two million baht (£45k) to help restore coral reefs around the island destroyed by the Tsunami, and having snorkled those reefs they seem to be doing a great job.

The architecture itself is elegant and modern, bright white washed villas have clean and cool interiors laid out under the guidance of ‘feng shui‘ to ensure guest harmonise with their surroundings. Natural cottens, dark stained teak furniture, white polished stone floors further create a zen like feel to the spaces

Heavy stone bases to the villas help ground the low scale structures even further, binding them to the landscape. Private terraces, rattan day beds, outdoor rain showers & pools encourage you to leave the calmness of your room and relax outside with nature. 

Although the hotel style isn’t new for this type of tropical development, it is however timeless, the simple detailing to the villas and public areas has been done with sophistication. What however is forward thinking is The Racha’s innovative and complete environmental outlook. It sets a precedent for other operators to follow. 

One bit of advise if you’re over on a day trip and want to pop in for a drink, you have to be a good blagger to get past the security guards. 


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