Tama Hotel – Phnom Penh / by FHAMS Studio

The Japanese practice Fhams Studio was commissioned to create a boutique hotel the top floor of one of Cambodia’s capitals tallest buildings. 

The client wanted to take advantage of the towers other tenants and for the Tama Hotel to become a meeting place and destination that business people could use for meetings, networking or wining & dining clients.

To this end the brief became heavily F&B orientated with a formal restaurant & bar taking up around half of the floor plate. With 26 work focussed bedrooms occupying the other half.

22 floors up the view is exceptional over Phnom Penh and this creates the perfect ‘conversation piece‘ and wow factor to attract people to the restaurant. The space is open plan, with the island reception seamlessly flowing into a pantry area for the restaurant to help draw guests into the dining space.

The interiors are industrial in aesthetic with exposed services painted black, industrial lighting and artefacts and black Crittal style screens dividing booth seating areas. The screens help provide both a strong feature to the space but also provide business visitors the privacy they need when conducting business over food. When we visited there was certainly many deals taking place across tables.

The use of large swathes of timber in the public areas help soften the space and give a more relaxed and natural feel to restaurant. Leather chesterfields also give a homely touch to the space. 

The public areas are adorned with punchy bright artwork which liven up the space in some circulation areas. Artwork tends to be more homely in seating zones to relax guests. 

One of the key features of the hotel is it’s novel compact rooms. The deep footprint and existing centrally located core meant that FHAMs had to come up with an innovative solution to best use the space. By including 2.7m x 1.9m ‘box’ rooms with no direct external windows they were able to efficiently use the floor plate and maximise room numbers. 

By raising the single bed on a timber platform the designers were able to free up the rooms floor space for a work desk and seating area to better accommodate long stay business guests all within tiny 5sqm. 

This split level theme is continued in the larger deluxe rooms with beds on a timber plinth which gives the rooms a more spacious feel. The bright colour palette helps open the bedrooms further. Crittal style screens are used to house the bathrooms bringing the industrial style into the rooms. Black metal lighting and homely artwork also follow public areas themes.

Again the furniture is set up to give business guests a work space away from their office so they can conduct their jobs with ease. Stone walls are a very masculine touch and clearly the Tama has a very specific target audience in the Asian business market. 

The hotel is a must visit if only for the view alone. The modern industrial interiors are fresh and wouldn’t look out of place in London or New York. FHAMs have been highly innovative with their compact rooms and have created a new model that could be introduced In hotels with similar  floor plate constraints.  

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