Palihotel – Melrose LA / by Avi Brosh

One of LA’s hippest neighbourhoods is Melrose, so what better way to start my Los Angeles journey by taking a look at one of its trendiest residents, the Palihotel created by Avi Brosh. The hotelier himself drove everything from the concept, development, operations to design resulting in a truely unique hotel. 

The original building was built in the late 1960s, and although Brosh has kept much of the external form & fenestration the same it was given a complete material reclad transforming it from a drab cream box into an ‘urban hunting lodge‘ clad with untreated timber slats and flower window boxes.

The timber boards continue into the interiors to further emphasise the buildings cabin like qaulities. In a way this boutique hotel becomes an escape from the expected Melrose aesthetic just as a lodge would in the wilderness but providing far more than just warmth & comfort.

The lobby decor continues the theme with a slight twist. Hunting green walls, mix & match vintage furniture, rugs & lighting, with traditional timber panelled joinery for the reception desk and back counter. 

The detailing is thorough, with family portraits, photo walls, deer & horse figurines & antique books to finish of what Brosh describes as “a combination of custom-made pieces and vintage finds with the intent to create a chic urban European Inn sensibility,” 

The ground floor also holds the hotels signature and highly acclaimed restaurant Hart & the Hunter. Glazed tiled walls, and tile patterned floors with richly woven rugs, white cotton curtains, and a French style white timber service pantry to one end of the room give a more European edge to the ‘inn’ 

Again a mix match of furniture is used, creating an effective homely aesthetic to the dining area. A long run of tan leather banquet seating completes the space. 

The 32 bedrooms in the hotel fall under two  of the front of house palettes & set up of either queen or twin. 

Hipster timber lodge…. 

or hunting green boho glam. 

Both styles of room capture Avi Brosh’s ideology for the hotel “Our overall concept was to create something that was design-oriented but not fussy. By allowing the original traits of the building show through, we have maintained a level of authenticity and building integrity but we have enhanced the space with our design ideas and clever programming.” 

The bedroom wardrobes are particularly fun with a ‘deconstructed’ approach to add to the originality of the room concept. Some of the rooms are quite open plan but this further contributes to the uniqueness of the  space. 

We really enjoyed hanging out in the Palihotel, the interiors and mix & match styles create a truely unique experience, but a homely and relaxing one all the same. The food & coffee in the Hart & the Hunter are excellent, the ‘energy and diversity’ (to quote Brosh) of Melrose Avenue really extends into and is encapsulated in the hotel interiors and the vibrant people that congregate there.


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